Anthony Bourdain new show

Yesterday I watched an old episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Myanmar – It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite shows.  Im picky about TV. Not about what shows I will watch but about what shows I will recommend. I’ll give just about anything a try but I will only recommend the few.

So it got me thinking today about traveling again, as next month I set off for a trip up the west coast. Thoughts of traveling and where Ive been and where I live now. I posed a question to myself…. “Would I rather live in a Large beautiful home on the coast of California, overlooking the ocean and have to stay in my own area for the rest of my life or would I rather always be on the road moving from place to place and never getting to completely settled in any one area?”  Not really sure if its an appropriate question or based on any reality but it makes me think. For myself the answer would be, to always be on the road. To always be be peeking in on how others live, where others spend there time, what others do. Its the surroundings around me that influence my art and design. If I couldn’t get out and hike a different trail, camp in a new forest, swim in a new lake, eat at a new restaurant, listen to new music at dive bar in a new city then where does my art have to go? What would my design style consist of if I didn’t make myself get out and experience anew. What would fuel my creativeness, would my design style become stagnant? Would i still love what I do?


What does your brand represent? Does your website need to fit into a category of design or style in order to work with the surrounding companies in your niche? Or are you able to think outside the box? Have you taken the time to search the internet and see what others are doing? Ask what there inspiration was? Have you opened your door for a new design to help push your company to better places? Style and design do not have to change who you are, but its important to let style and design be part of you! Take a step forward, let the experiences that you have lead inspire your new website. Let there be room for creative direction to help your brand reach new clients. Be a leader in your field and let your website be your platform. Your website can be an extension of your businesses message. So make sure you consider telling your message with a style all your own.

Justin Snyder