First things first, I’m a designer. But what most people to notice about designers is we are also marketing consultants. If a designer does not know how to incorporate a design to work with a companies branding or work for the client to bring them a return on investment then the designer is not doing his or her client good. It’s important for designers to help there clients pin-point how there design will best work in a productive manner to best push there clients campaign, brand or image.

That leads me to the idea of “content is king” when i first work with a client on a new website my first interaction with the client usually goes one of two ways. I ask the client if they can please fill out my Pre-Project Checklist, or else I will talk with them through email or phone and ask them questions about there business. In my Pre-Project Checklist there are specific questions that ask about what the content of the website will be. Will there be a blog? Who will be writing the content? Who will be implementing the content into the blog itself? These are all important questions to think about when you are building a website.


What blog platform is best to use?

WordPress. WordPress is a blogging framework. It’s been around a long while, we’ve used it a long while, and it has all the tools to give us both the functionality and design that we like to focus on.