Daily Backups for your Website

Is your website being backup and all the information saved on a daily basis? It still surprises me how many people come to me telling me that there web design company didnt have a backup of there website and now they’ve lost everything do to some un-forseen reason.

It’s not just important to have daily backups, but its important to know exactly how to re-install your backup files at a minutes notice so that there is minimal down-time in case something ever does happen to someones website.

Here is some of the process we use at Justin The Designer to backup our clients website. Not all these need to be done, but the more backups you have the more safe you are.
#1. We always recommend our clients to Host with us or www.greenrunhosting.com as they also offer weekly backups for all there hosting accounts.

#2. We use plugins that do a daily backup of the databases on our websites. That means if you have a blog every blog post will be saved.

#3. We Also do a bi-monthly download of our clients Entire Site including all images and Folders and we store these on 2 different sets of External hard-drives.

#4. We also use A cloud Server to store all Our Websites that is backed up on a monthly basis.