Does My Company Need A Style Guide ?

When handing over a creative project, most agencies or freelancers want included a document known as a style guide. This not only adds an additional air of professionalism to the work but rationalises to your creative choices.

Most style guides read like the work on control freaks. They shouldn’t. They should serve as a guide to any other agency, freelancer or licensing company who is working with the brand you initially helped develop. They should allow for the brand to develop whilst establishing an overall framework. Here are 20 tips for ensuring your style guide does the job right in ensuring others do it right.







The writers over at have a great article on things to consider when designing your style guide for your business. Here is the link to there article.

How to create a design style guide: 20 pro tips

Check out these examples of others Style Guides:

  1. New York University identity and style guide
  2. NHS brand guidelines
  3. NYU-Poly identity style guide
  4. Ohio University brand standards
  5. Oregon State University brand identity guidelines
  6. Pacific University brand standards (PDF)
  7. Pearson logos and style guides
  8. Penguin logo guidelines