Step by Step Flyer Campaign


Hi there,

Once a year or so I do a Flyer Campaign for my own business. Year round I design Flyers and Postcards for my clients and to be honest its one of my favorite types of design. Flyers usually are filled with fun graphics, calls to action and loads of different experiments on branding can be used to design them!

This Spring Im going to do a local Flyer campaign for my own website ( and I thought why not share the step by step process I go through during the Flyer Campaing Process. So from Start to Finish and Beyond… Here we go..


Brainstorm: The brainstorm process for a flyer campaign usually is just a time to sit back and ask myself some questions about what I want to accomplish?

For This Specific Campaign I’d like to first Introduce my new Design Agency to the world. So my first thoughts are maybe big bold “grand opening” style graphics, or maybe some bullet points letting everyone know what we do! Maybe a big “open” sign. I also want to show all the services we offer and offer at least 1 or 2 different website packages on the flyer… So again bullet points of what we do would work here. Maybe on the back of the Flyer I can have different boxes each showing a different package. maybe dotted lines separating each box… So you can kinda see here how the brainstorming goes for this. Basically just asking myself questions and thinking about what I would do to answer those questions on the flyer via “design”


Design The Flyer: Here I’ll show you different images showing the different stages I went through designing the flyer. I start out by choosing what size flyer Id like to go with: In this case im designing a 4″ x 6″ standard Postcard size Flyer. It will be in color and designed on both sides. So I have Two complete different Layouts I need to design. 1 for the front and 1 for the back.

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 5.26.20 PM




Printing: So the Flyer is done, I looked it over for the last two days and Im officially happy with it. I like that it accomplishes the goals I set out to accomplish and it answers all the questions are started with in my brainstorm session. The colors flow with my websites and branding guide.





Guerilla Marketing Techniques: here are a list of ideas/places to hand out your flyers to. One key thing to keep in mind is you want to reach your businesses audience.

1. Niche/Your Industry Tradeshows and Conventions. – Inside or even just stand out front and hand out the flyers as they exit. Or the parking lot.

2. Your local neighborhoods

3. Parking Lots where competitive Industry Retailers are.

4. Coffee Shops, Cafe’s, Library’s, Record Stores, Mom and POP shops, and boutiques sometimes will let you put a stack of your flyers near there register, near there front door or windows and sometimes they even have a specified place for people just like you to leave your flyers and business cards. Make sure to leave both.