Using Technology for a Productive Cause

Everyday there are new inventions with the ever growing technology at our fingertips. With so many new apps, websites and social media communities it’s nice to see when people take the time to use the tools at hand to help better a much needed cause.

Today I was reading a fellow designers blog and came across her post about Gestics. Gestics is a concept meant to help increase the social integration of hearing impaired and deaf-mute persons. It focussed on a scenario that is based on the idea of using forearm muscle sensors to translate sign language: A wristband that recognizes and translates gestics to spoken word.


More info on the project:

Gestics – Let your signs be heard

This concept was created by

Onofrio Di Franco
Sohyun Kim
Martha Miosga
Luise Pescheck

HfG students in the third semester

Supervised by Prof. Jörg Beck
Project partners Martha Miosga / Onofrio Di Franco