What is Pinterest and Why has it become so popular?

What is Pinterest and Why has it become so popular?

In December 2009, San Francisco-based Cold Brew Labs began initial development on the app. A year later, Pinterest launched and soon after proceeded to operate in an invitation-only open beta mode (which continues to this date). By 2011, the company had already raised a $27 million round of venture capital funding, increasing the company’s value to $200 million dollars and gaining 3.2 million monthly unique visitors in the process (note: that number, as of February, 2012, is now 10 million). As a testament to its success, the estimated unique visitors to the site increased by 429 percent from September to December of 2011.

Pinterest has quickly become to next big Social Media Sharing Network online. It has over 2 million Daily users and over 12 million active users per month, and that number is steadily growing. Right now the majority of users are women. The most popular images getting re-pinned on Pinterest are ones that associate with a current trending topic. Other very popular images are “call to action” images and DIY/Tutorial type images such as recipes and how to guides. Pinterest is an image based social-bookmarking site. So as you surf the net and you come across images that you would like to save, Pinterest gives you a couple option to do so. You can copy the url and paste it in your pinterest account, or you can use the Pin it bookmark extension tool that a lot of people now have in there browsers bookmark bar and just click and save the image to your pinterest page. Other websites even have the pin it icon on there websites making it easy for viewers to just click pin it and pin there images to Pinterest.

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