What Makes Pinterest different from other social networks ?

What Makes Pinterest different from other social networks ?

 Pinterest is a hub of ever populating activity. activity in which your buyers or customers are constantly recommending what they do and don’t like. What they wish they could have and what they know they cant. Its a place where you can do instant social media analytics and product analytics instantly just by watching what your followers and niche customers are interested in.


Why has Pinterest taken off and become so popluar so quickly?

The visual aspect of this social application plays a big part but also the usability aspect. Its ver easy for a first time user of the website to easily scroll through images all from one page while the site loads images for them. I actually heard one gentlemen refer to it like “it’s like “window shopping” a digital parallel to what people like to do in real life.”

But the difference here is you don’t have to remember each thing you saw as you walked down the street and looked in the windows, here you can save each thing you like by liking it or pinning it to a category that you have created for similar interests.


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