Whats your daily essentials… Whats in your backpack?

As a avid photographer and urban hiker, backpacks of all shapes, colors, sizes and functions have always been one of my favorite things. Im not much of a sneaker person, nor do I spend much money on clothes, but when I come across a bag shop I always stop to see whats new. There’s something about being able to take all your essentials and fit it nicely in one bag and go on your way. Whether it be on a photography hike or just to the office for the day, your essentials put in there right place, and easy to access and being able to get them all to one place without hassle helps keep your day productive and stress levels at bay. Whats in your bag?

Lets look at some bags I have gathered from around the web:


Want to send us your bag? Take a picture of your bag and your essentials and we will add it to our next “Whats in your bag?” blog post. Send images to info@justinthedesigner(.)com or you can use our contact info on our contact page.